The National Authority of Medically Assisted Reproduction was informed about advertisement as far as Medically Assisted Reproduction is concerned via brochures, social network pages, Press Releases etch, referring to cost of services of Medically Assisted Reproduction and money return in case of failure. It was also informed about advertisement on participation of IVF Units in worldwide competitions and gaining distinction in mediation services of Medically Assisted Reproduction and invitation to open days for parents and children born with the aid of Medically Assisted Reproduction.

Since advertisement of that kind does not meet the ethical, social and particularly sensitive nature of the Medically Assisted Reproduction, the Authority has decided to prohibit all kinds of advertisement relating to the Medically Assisted Reproduction until the publishing of the Code of Conduct concerning Medically Assisted Reproduction.

The current decision is valid until the 31st December2016.

It is to be published in the webpage of the Authority and to be notified to all IVF Units and Cryopreservation Banks.

The President

Prof. Aristidis Antsaklis