The Greek National Authority of Assisted Reproduction is a national body that introduces and controls the scientific, legal and moral frame in which all clinics and organizations related to assisted reproduction are functioning. The common frame in which the various Fertility and Assisted Reproduction Clinics practice, guarantees to women and couples that the services obtained are reliable and therefore trustworthy.  For the above reasons, the Authority was put in action again in March 2014 in order to cover the big gap that existed in controlling the area of assisted reproduction and the safe functioning of the different related clinics and organizations.

According to the presidential decree, the Authority makes controls, gives suggestions, collects data and keeps records of every single case related to assisted reproduction and in general maps and mainly assures that clinics related are properly functioning. The main target of the data collection relates primarily to the protection of people by the accurate information provided referring to the percentages of successful cases.

We are at your disposal to investigate and answer any issue you may have that is related to assisted reproduction.

The aim of the Authority is to guarantee safety for the people and support the proper functioning of the clinics as defined by the law and the European Society of Human Reproduction.