Concerning the publication of 20th August 2017 in the newspaper Documento under the title « Couples in trouble due to IVF and the subtitle “When the dream to have a child becomes a highly difficult issue kiveli- The Union for supporting fertility- offers a big hug to future parents”, the National Authority of Medically Assisted Reproduction considers that this publication badly affects the high social importance of the institution-method of IVF and surrogate mothership. An institution which consists the last hope for couples with no children through decades all over the world but also countries and institutions to make up for  population and birth deficit.

Everything mentioned in the above publication concerning the idleness of Competent Bodies in our country is absolutely untrue, considering that almost two years ago were published: the Ministerial Decision 6901/2015 and the Presidential Decree 10/2016 for the” License of establishment and operation”- “Terms and conditions for licensing the Cryopreservation Banks and the IVF Units” respectively. Consequently there is a legal frame which is applied in all cases, IVF Units (Public and Private as well) have been licensed and they operate totally according to the law and special specifications. Finally the National Authority for  Medically Assisted Reproduction is in full operation and has to  display a very important work up to today monitoring  and looking into complaints and reports , offering support, scientifically informing and answering questions of people that have undergone or are to undergo methods of Medically Assisted Reproduction(MAR).

Such kind of publications aiming to promote peoples’ own interests, degrade social constitutions despite the fact that for these constitutions to be securely applied, public and private bodies as well, have been licensed. Such malicious publications stain the reliability of the state and consist a source of insecurity for citizens.

Consequently the National Authority of Medically Assisted Reproduction submitted a petition to every Authority in charge so as action to be taken applying article 22 paragraph 7 law 3305/2005.