According to article 2 par 1 Law 3305, artificial sperm insemination consists a method of Μedically Αssisted Ρeproduction.  The Article 16 par 1 Law 3305/2005 defines that methods and relative techniques of article 2 are applied in specially organized IVF Units that operate in state or private IVF Units or other bodies. IVF Units are established and operate after getting license from the Hellenic Authority of Medically Assisted Reproduction that monitors if the prerequisites of PD 10/2016 are satisfied.

As a result the artificial sperm insemination as a method of Medically Assisted Reproduction takes place only in IVF Units that have acquired license according to the terms and conditions of PD 10/2016 and not in surgeries or microbiological labs, or Cryopreservation Banks.


Hellenic Authority of Medically Assisted Reproduction.