There was an enthusiastic response to the invitation of the Hellenic National Authority of Medically Assisted Reproduction and the Hellenic Society of Assisted Reproduction for an open debate with IVF Units and CBs on Sunday 10th December 2017 in Hilton Hotel.

The opening of the event was made by the President Mr Aristides Antsaklis referring to the PD 10/2016. He stated that its main aim is the improvement and the reinforcement of all IVF Units in Greece. Throughout the year the Authority highlighted issues that were promptly settled successfully by IVF Units. Then it proceeded with giving license to the Units during which some problems came up concerning a few state IVF Units. Also it was noted that there should be open communication between the Authority and the Units, because the Authority is their greatest supporter. At that point some questions on the part of the Units arose, that were answered during the event.

The legislative work of the Authority.

Then the following were mentioned: the Presidential Decree, the Ministerial Decision, the Code of Conduct and the harmonization with EU Directions. Finally there was an announcement that a Regulating Decision is going to be published on the Official Gazette of the Hellenic State concerning the Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD).

Τhe strengthening of the Greek presence in Europe

The Authority being present in the European Commission is the representative of Greece which is no longer isolated, but consists an equal member of the European Union exhibiting the work and the high level of the accomplishments taking place in Greece as far as Medically Assisted Reproduction is concerned.

Donors Record and Online Interconnection of IVF Units

As far as Donors Record is concerned, the cost of interconnection is very high and of course the State should consider it.

Finally the Hellenic Authority of Medically Assisted Reproduction investigates the misleading advertisements- untrue rates – always supporting the valid and reliable updating of those interested in methods of Medically Assisted Reproduction.


Hellenic Authority of Medically Assisted Reproduction.