Elisavet Symeonidou-Kastanidou is Professor of Criminal Law at the Faculty of Law of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the

National Academy for Judges (Greece).

She is a member of the Management Board της European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights. She directs the Laboratory for the Study of medical Law and Bioethics of the AUTH and the Postgraduate Program “Criminal Law and Addictions”.

She has been President of the Society for the Study of Medical Law and Bioethics (2011 – 2015) and was scientific responsible for an EXCELLENCE  II project on Medically Assisted Reproduction and Protection of the Embryo in vitro.

She directs the journal “Medical Law and Bioethics” and she is a member of the Editorial Board of the journals “European Criminal Law

Review” (www.euclr.eu), Poiniki Dikaiosyni and Bioethica. She is coeditor of the series: “Essays on Medical Law and Bioethics”, “Medical

Praxis, Biomedicine and Law” and “Special Criminal Laws”.

Professor Symeonidou – Kastanidou has served as Chair of the Legislative Commission for the revision of the Greek Criminal Code and

as a member of the Supreme Courts of Art. 88 and 91 of the Greek Constitution. She is a member of the European Criminal Policy Initiative (ECPI) and a member of numerous national and international Scientific Societies.

She has been invited as a speaker to more than 180 national and international congresses. She has written, alone or in cooperation with other authors, 35 books (six of them in English and one in English and German) and more than 250 studies, published in journals, honorary volumes or Congress Proceedings in Greek, English and German.