Maria Bottis is an Attorney-at-law and an Ass. Professor, School of Information Science and Informatics, DALMS, Ionian University.

She graduated from Arsakeion High School of Patras with High Honors (20/20 graduation certificate, first of class) and has been under full tuition scholarship throughout high school. In 1985, she topped the Greek National examinations for entrance in all Universities/all disciplines with 1998 points over 2000, and entered in Athens Law School, first. She is an Honors graduate of Athens Law School (graduated first in class). She is a holder of a LL.M degree (Cambridge Law School UK) a LL.M degree from Yale Law School and a PhD on medical information law and ethics from the University of Athens. She was accepted by Harvard Law School for LLM studies in 1993. She was appointed Faculty Fellow at Harvard University, Center for Ethics and the Professions (2000-2001). She has been awarded scholarships from NATO, the Onassis Foundation, IKY (the Greek National Scholarships Foundation), the Rotary Club of Athens, the Yale Law School, Harvard and Clare Hall, Cambridge.