Dr. Cornelia Delouka-Inglessi is a Professor of Private Law at the Department of Business Administration, of the School of Economics, Business and International Studies of  the University of Piraeus.

Education: PhD (with highest honors) from the Law School of the University of Thrace, b) Degree of Law, School of Law, Athens University, c) Degree of Business Administration, University of Piraeus, d) European Consumer Protection Law,  Catholic University of Louven, Faculty of Law,  Louven-la-Noeve, Belgium.

Academic Career: At the age of twenty-two she was ellected initially as a Research Assistant at the Department of Business Administration of the University of Piraeus and then evolved at all levels up to the rank of Professor of Private Law in 2006.

Subjects taught: Civil Law, Consumer Protection Law, Antitrust Law, Unfair Competition Law, Legal Aspects of E-commerce, Quality and Law, Medical Law, Public/Administration Law, Social Administration, Social Rights and Social Administration.

Publications: a) Seven books (monographs),  b) many book chapters in collective volumes in Greek and English (published by publishers such as «Peter Lang», «Bruylant» etc.)  c) more than thirty articles published in Greek and International Law Magazines. All these publications have been cited by many researchers.

Professional Excellence: Senior researcher in many European Research Projects. Organization of/and participations in many International and National conferences. Reviewer in scientific Journals and Conference Proceedings. Twice member of the Senate of the University of Piraeus.  Seminars to judges, civil servants and consumer organizations (mainly in the field of consumer law). Since 1986 she has been an Attorney at Law. Since 2014 she is a Member of the Greek National Authority for Assistant Reproduction.

Affiliations and Memberships: International Association of Consumer Law, Athens Bar Association, Greek Association of Civil Law, Greek Association of Consumer Law, Hellenic University Association for European Studies, Greek Economic Chamber.

Languages: Greek (mother tongue), English, German, French, Italian.